When 360° Feedback makes sence? May 2020

Datum: 21.05.2020 – 21.05.2020
Beginn: 15:30
Ende: 17:00

Preis: Free of charge


About session

 360 ° Feedback ensures the recognition, evaluation and monitoring of development of key management features in specific parts of the organization as well as the entire company.

At this free online session we will present you the benefits of our 360 ° Feedback:

• online environment

• individual access to each client

• running without any extra cost

Performing 360 ° Feedback takes place via the MINDONE platform, which also provides the possibility of other forms of candidate evaluation.

Through examples from our practice and a practical demonstration of using the MINDONE system you will get valuable information on how to apply this kind of assessment system in your environment.

The session will be led by ITO consultants with years of experience in conducting the assessment process in successful international companies.



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