Talents for Future Lab

Datum: 11.11.2020 – 11.11.2020
Beginn: 14:30
Ende: 16:00

Preis: Free of charge


Language: Croatian

Talents for Future Lab- free program intro


We invite you to the online presentation of the Talents for Future Lab concept, a workshop that is unique in its possibilities for these challenging times!

Wondering what the future holds for your business during and after Covid-19?

You would like to start and together solve the challenges and take advantage of opportunities?

Want to know who you can count on and where your strengths lie?

If your answers are yes, do join us!

Talents for Future Lab is an opportunity to engage the company’s strengths in solving your real business challenges! At the same time, it gives you the opportunity to evaluate your talents and direct their development and contribution in the right direction.

You know what a hackathon is? Well, this is similar but much more than that :)

Talents for Future Lab enables:

  •  realistic, creative, and applicable ideas in a short time of just one day,
  • development of startup mindset and key knowledge and competencies for entrepreneurial culture,
  • assessment of key competencies of 20+ talents,
  • the possibility of mentoring teams after the workshop for best idea's further development!


Presentation program


  • Concept Talents for Future Lab
  • How it responds to today's challenges
  • What are the ways of implementation, both live and online
  • Possibilities to adapt to each company and specific needs
  • Questions and answers

The presentation will be led by Miljenka Plazonić Bogdan and Ivana Conjar, co-creators of this concept that uniquely combines their years of experience in the development of ideas and assessment of competence.

The lecture is intended for our current and future clients - key figures for business development and human resources. We look forward to meeting you, this time in an online environment!

Sign up today!

Participation is free with mandatory registration.

If you are interested in program, and you cannot join us in this term, contact us for more information about Talents for Future Lab!

A link to Zoom will be sent to registered participants. 


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