Leading for Innovation May 2019

Datum: 15.05.2019 – 15.05.2019
Beginn: 09:00
Ende: 17:00

Preis: 1.400,00 kn + VAT
Early bird price for applications until 15.4.2019. is 1100 kn + VAT

Business center Almeria
Vukovarska 284
Zagreb, Croatia


Why are some companies innovative and others are not? Why are some teams more creative and more successful than others? What makes the difference?

Answers on these questions you can get on training Leading for Innovation. Additionally, you can learn what are the preconditions for creating and managing innovative and creative teams and organizations!

Have you ever wondered if innovation can be taught, practiced, improved, upgraded, empowered? The answer is: Yes!

Innovation is something that, we as a human species, have inborn - without it we could not survive as a species. Like every skill it needs to be used and upgraded. Only in this way are we perfected the skill and through experience are gaining new insights and teachings.

We will show you and teach you how to use the Design Thinking methodology to design the organization's structure and strategy to foster innovation on a personal and a team level. 

 What will participants get by participating in the training? 

Building Power to Lead

  • Understand what the preconditions are for developing innovation in the company.
  • What each leader needs to know to be able to create, guide and develop creativity in his organization.

Leading Effective Teams

  • Learn how to create, motivate, and lead innovative teams.
  • Develop strategies for creating high-performance teams, remove obstacles to efficient team work and nurture team innovation.

Designing Organization for Creativity and Innovation

  • Learn to diagnose the causes of some of the most common organizational problems - lack of coordination and trust between departments, fear of failure, lack of time for creative thinking, loss / departure of top talents.
  • How to set up an organizational structure (organization design) to foster innovation, creativity and employee engagement.

Design Thinking to Drive Innovation

  • How to translate ideas into concrete actions and how to stimulate innovation and design the structure and strategy of a company using the Design Thinking process.

For who is it for?


The Leading for Innovation Workshop is intended for leaders and managers who want to learn what are the preconditions needed to create, guide and innovate in the company. At the workshop you will get to know useful tools that can help you design the company's structure and strategy in a way that supports innovation and creativity. You will also learn how to stimulate innovation and creativity, both in yourself and in the teams you run and how the Design Thinking process can help you.




Mirela Saračević Trogrlić Mirela graduated Economics at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb. She spent two years at the Information Systems and Management Studies at the University of London. Along with rich corporate experience in various industries - investment banking, media and telecom, she expanded her areas of learning and research into individual and team coaching.

She is Certified Executive Coach from Academy for Executive Coaching (London, UK), NPL and Points of You Practitioner and Certified TA 101 ITAA (International Transactional Analysis Association).

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