ECOHEALTH - Erickson Coaching for Health

Datum: 12.05.2020 – 23.06.2020
Beginn: Tuesdays / 18:00 - 21:15

Preis: Module I & II: 1.900 € excl. VAT per person


  • 10% discount for ICF certified Coaches
  • 10% discount for “The Art & Science of Coaching” participants
  • Special price for more participants. Come with colleagues or friends!
  • Language: English

for individual and collective health to sustain life

Erickson Coaching Austria organises in cooperation with ITO „Erickson Coaching for Health“ (ECOHEALTH) 6-Day Coaching Course in Vienna. The course is addressed to:

  • Healthcare professionals who are interested in expanding their professional skills by embracing the coaching approach to their patients/clients, to their work environment and to themselves. By doing so, healthcare professionals will develop essential coaching skills that will profoundly transform their way of living in general and their professional life in particular
  • Coaches interested in pursuing life & health coaching as a profession per se, i.e. to those considering a coaching carrier within the healthcare environment



With key learning outcomes the participants will:

  • become skilled to use coaching communication in the healthcare profession, thus improving their relationships with clients/patients and colleagues, and relationship to themselves. This will improve their overall life satisfaction,
  • be able to partner with healthcare institutions and/or teams to provide support for healthy living as a preventative measure for sustained health, and to provide complex care for management of various medical conditions,
  • learn to use a broad variety of coaching techniques and tools,
  • view health coaching as a form of mind-body therapy that is complementary to standard medical care,
  • learn to face difficult conditions and physical limitations in their clients including ageing and death. Participants will discover that the quality of inner perception of life may become independent of physical conditions and they will learn to coach towards core values and away from fear of disease-ageing-death,
  • recognize characteristic fears (gremlins) and obstacles on the way to healthy living and habit modification and will become skilled to assist their client to overcome these obstacles and to achieve their health-related goals


Module I Health Coaching: Setting the Foundation
May 12 - June 23, 2020 / Tuesdays / 18:00 - 21:15 / Online

Module II Becoming a Health Coach
Dates will be announced later



Ruzena Rosa Tkacova, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine
is an internal medicine specialist and respirologist with PhD in physiology and research in neuroscience, a former clinical and research fellow at the University of Toronto, a visiting scientist at the University of British Columbia, member of several international medical societies and of the expert panel for nutritional assessment in the European Respiratory Society. Rosa has published more than two hundred original articles and research papers in a wide range of medical topics including health coaching. She is certified by International Coach Federation and works currently as a consultant in Erickson Coaching International, Vancouver, Canada.

Amy Davis-Bruner MEd, PCC
has been a transformative program developer and trainer within human development, healthcare, and science education for over 25 years. Her facilitation is informed by research in communication patterning, neuro-attention, and social development and formal graduate education in neuro-cognition and adult education. Amy combines provocative science, humor, and artful vulnerability as course participants build habits of “all-here-all-now” presence, deep listening, solution-focused attention, and self-regulation while applying science-based tools to enhance health in themselves and in those they serve.

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