Development and Assessment Centers

Datum: 19.02.2020 – 19.02.2020
Beginn: 09:00
Ende: 12:00

Preis: Free of charge, mandatory registration

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About workshop


We invite you to free of charge workshop to share experience and present you possibilities the strategic use of assessment centers offers in an era where employees are increasingly the ones deciding where they want to work, not as companies used to.

During the workshop we will:

- Show examples how companies use Assessment Centers to: 

  • recognize and develop talents at various levels of organizations
  • show what their needs are to select the talents that best meet the challenges and competencies needed for key jobs
  • Identify required development activities and empower talent development

We are delighted to have here our clients to share their best practice, Minja Birimiša, People & Culture Senior Business Partner of Atlantic Grupa and Martina Roša, Human Resources Director at Jamnica Plus.

We will also tackle the challenges of business across multiple locations and the increasing share of online access to work, including on assessment centers too.

-Demonstrate the key elements of the ITO Assessment Center:

  • situational activities that match the desired competencies
  • multidimensional short-term estimation
  • compliance of external and internal observers
  • high level acceptance by the assessment participants 

In addition to understanding the process of the assessment centers, participants will gain valuable experience in participating in the activities and will be able to more easily identify the values it provides. 

The workshop is intended for:

  • HR professionals in companies, from leadership to professional levels, especially those involved in attracting and developing talents
  • Company directors and heads department, who are actively involved in selecting employees in key positions

If you have not experienced our assessment centers so far, this is a great opportunity to get to know better our way of working and our processes with whom we have been supporting our clients in numerous countries for over 25 years.

Besides useful demonstrations and examples, you also could connect with colleagues during short break with refreshments and snacks.

We are looking forward meeting you!

Participation is free of charge, with mandatory registration, upon which you will receive a confirmation of participation.



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