Design Thinking December 2019

Datum: 17.12.2019 – 18.12.2019
Beginn: 09:00
Ende: 17:00

Preis: 2.400,00 kn + PDV.
Early bird price for applications until 17.11.2019. is 1990 kn + VAT.
Discount for two or more participants from the same companiy 10%!

Business center Almeria
Vukovarska 284
Zagreb, Croatia

About training 

Being innovative is one of the imperatives of our time. As a strategy for innovation, Design Thinking is used in various contexts, from corporate to social, for product innovations, organizational models, or solving social problems. Numerous successful companies around the world have adopted it to be more agile, to be ahead of their competition and time. In this complexity, it has proven to be extremely efficient because enables the inclusion of numerous insights and different ways of thinking in a systematic and fast way, while giving everyone involved a sense of creativity and dedication.

Its simplicity and ease of use make it easy to use, so it's enough to learn the basics to use Design Thinking in your company, and you can adapt it to your specific environment and needs through practice.

Design Thinking is a highly interactive, group method, so education is carried out in such a way - through joint work, new solutions are developed, and different techniques are learned. By learning the Design Thinking process, participants learn simple techniques to guide group work so that the process can be applied in their practice. This two-day training aims to provide the Design Thinking experience and to understand the principles of its application, and to get ideas for applying it to its personal work in the company - to innovate products, organizational processes, business models and other business aspects


What will participants get? 

  • Understanding the process of creating innovation and the role of Design Thinking and other collaborative innovation methods in the development of corporate innovations and intrapreneurship
  • Understanding the basic Design Thinking settings - how to find a cross between the feasible and desirable for business development, putting the customer and its experience of our service or product in the center
  • Identifying the Basic Five Phases of Design Thinking and Their Relationships - Empathize, Define, Ideas, Prototypes, and Test
  • Understanding why it is in the center of the process understanding your client / user and quickly and easily prototyping solutions
  • Experiencing the Design Thinking Process cycle - Experience several tools for each stage and experience the way you work, on a topic that is close to all participants: Stakeholder Mapping, Value Mapping, Personas, Empathy Map, Customer Journey Mapping, Service Scenarios, Prototyping
  • Understanding on what topics and how your organization can use and encourage the use of Design Thinking. Getting the knowledge and skills needed to apply Design Thinking to simple examples in your environment

Who is it for?

Design Thinking Workshop is intended for people and teams who need to create new solutions in complex conditions.



Miljenka Plazonić Bogdan
During her professional facilitation and coaching work, Miljenka was often able to assist in the development of innovative products, business models and organizational designs. Her experience in this topic has been acquiring in the software industry for a number of years, and later she has been actively involved in entrepreneurship in start-up stages in various areas of activity. She was educated at the Design Thinkers Academy in Amsterdam. Through various forms of education she is pursuing, she strives to raise the level of innovation and creativity of individuals and organizations as one of the key competencies for success.


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