Coordinating with others

Datum: 03.07.2019 – 03.07.2019
Beginn: 09:00
Ende: 17:00

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Coordinating with others

About training

Effective communication and collaboration with others are crucial to success in any area of our lives. But often we encounter obstacles or mutual misunderstanding communicating and collaborating with others.

Can you imagine how much our cooperation with others would be more effective if we could better understand what each of us is driving?

In training Coordinating with others we will learn about different systems of motivational values that guide our and behaviors of others and affect the way we cooperate with others. Using the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) we will find out more about our own systems of motivation, how they affect our behavior and communication with others, and how we react when we are in conflict.

After the training, the participants will:

• Understand the importance and diversity of individual systems of motivational values

• Understand how different motivational drivers affect our and the behaviors of others

• Identify your own motivational drivers

• Identify the motivational drivers of others

• Know your strength and how they affect your cooperation with others

• Recognize how we react in conflict situations and identify areas for improvement

• Understand the possible reactions of others in conflicts

For more information about training, feel free to contact us on office@ito.hr , we will be happy to help you learn more!




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