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"We started working with ITO in 2018 when we were looking for a trusted partner to deliver an important part of one of our leadership development programmes. Not only did they rise to the challenge we set and complete the project successfully, but they also played (and still play) a key role in the success of the overall programme. They are professional, easy to work with and passionate about people development – all critical factors for us when choosing a learning and development partner to work with."
Petya Koteva, L&D Consultant and Programme Manager

"I got interested in coaching because I wanted to integrate coaching techniques into my strategy work. That’s why I looked for a professional, reputable and primary practice-oriented coach training. The Erickson Coach Training at ITO thoroughly met these requirements. The content was conveyed in a lively and practical way, so its transfer into the corporate context was easy, working out for me from day one."

Alexander Hanslik, Strategieleiter, Luftfahrt

Iris-Sabine Bergmann, Leitung Recruiting & Employer Branding

Nina Fuchs, HR Business Partner

"For many years now, we have worked together with ITO in the fields of potential assessments and coaching in Vienna. ITO as a company is very innovative and their assessors and coaches are very experienced. It is a joy to watch them doing their job because their hearts are entirely in it. They know how to give honest and direct feedback and our managers and employees have had countless Aha! experiences."
Olivia Turan (Head of Personnel Development) and Angelika Werth (Personnel Development)

"ITO was an appreciative, flexible and reliable partner during the job application process for our Trainee Program. We carried out an assessment procedure, and the competent and honest evaluation of ITO helped us to make the final decision. All in all the cooperation was fulfilled on a very professional level, and we are pleased to work with ITO again."
NOVOMATIC Gaming Industries GmbH
Denise Eisenberger, NOVOAcademy

Barbara Weber, Leitung Human Resources

"My cooperation with ITO goes back for several years. I have been working with them on several projects in different countries with many consultants. Some projects were completely outsourced to ITO, and on others we worked together. The last one provided me with the opportunity to work closely and to better understand their approach in project delivery and their work standards. Even though I was a project manager, I felt like a member of ITO team with a single goal: to assess over 250 candidates from 28 Coca-Cola Hellenic countries. We worked hard for several months on this project, but I enjoyed ITO’s commitment to quality, sound judgement, experience and expertise, as well as their customer approach. Moreover, friendly yet professional attitude of ITO colleagues, their readiness to adapt quickly to ongoing needs without changing the quality was something that contributed to the whole project. All CCH managers involved in the project agree with me on this, and are likely to work with ITO again."
Zoran Saric, HR Transformation Staffing Manager

"We started the cooperation with ITO with Executive Committee members assessment in 2015. Based on relevant comments and results, we built together a Team building session that held on Jan 2017. This revealed individual strengths and progress opportunities and also thank to the recommendations, we achieved concrete results for the Executive Committee. The expertise and experience of ITO team triggered valuable improvement for our entity."
ARVAL Austria GmbH
Gwénael Cevaer, Managing Director

"Development of employees is one of the priorities for Wurth Serbia. We are functioning in a highly demanding business environment and because of that we don’t have the luxury of being passive - stagnating actually means going backwards. In ITO Serbia we found real collaborators in our continuous aspiration to grow and develop, together with our people. Flexibility, dedication, innovative solutions, reliability and, above all, genuine interest in every individual they work with are the reasons why ITO Serbia is more than our associate. They are a real partner that we can rely on in any situation."
Aleksandar Grgić, Wurth Serbia CEO, Executive Vice President of Wurth Group

"Henkel als global aufgestelltes Unternehmen arbeitet seit vielen Jahren international mit ITO zusammen. Ganz besonders hervorzuheben ist das von ITO für uns entwickelte Konzept des "International Development Centers (IDC)" für unsere Nachwuchsführungskräfte - ein sehr wertvolles Instrument für die interne Potenzialanalyse, welches gleichzeitig auch von den teilnehmenden MitarbeiterInnen hoch geschätzt wird - gerade auch vor dem Hintergrund eines sehr ausführlichen, hochqualitativen Feedbacks durch ITO am Ende jedes IDCs. ITO hat sich als immer äußerst professioneller Partner für Henkel bewährt, und die Zusammenarbeit mit den ITO Beratern ist von großem Vertrauen geprägt. Die gemeinsam durchgeführten IDCs haben sich in der Zwischenzeit zu einem wesentlichen Baustein in der Entwicklung unserer Nachwuchsführungskräfte entwickelt."
Claudia Maassen, Corporate Human Resources

"As an observer I have taken part in OMV internal potential workshops for many years. These workshops deal with identifying the right location, reflecting on one’s strengths/weaknesses and planning development. ITO’s trademarks are the professional and excellent performance of its workshops as well as its perceptibly profound experience with this HR development instrument."
Jochen Berger, Director and Head of Refineries


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