Webinar Online Meetings April 2020

Datum: 15.04.2020
Beginn: 09:00
Ende: 10:30

Preis: Free of charge
Fully booked - New date: 16.04.2020

Online Session

Language: English

New date 16.04.2020

Why and how to keep engagement high in online meetings?

About workshop

Many teams are currently spread over decentralized locations, and many more people than usual work from home. Communication takes place via online tools – which is posing a challenge for those, whose daily work routine has not or only occasionally involved this form of collaboration so far. This increases the importance of using virtual meetings in a targeted manner to keep the team motivated and on track.

In our free webinar on "Why and how to keep engagement high in online meetings?" we look at key elements of group dynamics and offer practical tips on how to steer teams in a virtual environment.

Online session, 15.4.2020., 9-10:30 a.m.

Please note that this webinar will be held in English.

Who should attend

This event is designed for leaders who are looking for tools to increase the effectiveness of their online meetings and to lead their teams to success in an online setting.

You will see different possibilities of online interaction in live communication with the trainer. The number of participants is therefore limited to allow for interaction. Up to three people can register per company.

After registration you will receive a confirmation and all information necessary to access the Zoom online session.

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