Psychobiology of stress

Datum: 07.05.2020
Beginn: 09:00
Ende: 10:30

Preis: Free

Online Session

Language: Czech

Free Webinar: Psychobiology of stress

What happens in your body when you are stressed out? How does it influence your body and your mind? How to use it and minimize negative effects of stressful situations?

Stress is nothing new. It is a common part of human life. Still, we are struggling with it and in unusual or threatening situations, we sometimes don’t succeed as we would like in this fight. Our body works according to a prehistoric scenario that is hard to influence.

During our free webinar “Psychobiology of stress“, we will focus on our bodily and mental reaction to stress. We will talk about the natural function stress has, when it works to our benefit and when it does not. We will talk about strategies that can help as shape the stress reaction in a way that it is less harmful for our body and they can help us tackle the challenges ahead of us.

Online Webinar, 7.5.2020., 9:00 - 10:30

Language: Czech

Webinar is free, you just need to register!

This webinar is especially for everyone who needs support coping with the stressful events of the recent weeks, who wishes to stand up to the unnecessary stress and wants to minimze its negative effects on body and mind.

The number of participants is limited to ensure enough room for communication with the trainer.

After the registration, you will receive information regarding the Zoom session.


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